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Genius Hairspray Removal Hack (pink background with hand holding hairspray can)

Genius Hairspray Removal Hack

Genius Hairspray Removal Hack Ever wondered how to get that pesky hairspray buildup off of your bathroom floors? I’ve got you covered! Over the years, I have tried many different methods of hairspray removal from my tile floors. I’ve used basic multi-purpose household cleaners with little results, as well as […]

Liquid face make-up 9 Best Drug Store CC Creams

The 9 Best Drugstore CC Creams

The 9 Best Drugstore CC Creams You may be asking yourself, “Why would I be looking for the best drugstore CC cream? What is CC cream anyway?” Or you may be like the rest of us, constantly hearing others rave about the benefits of cc cream and then googling every […]