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Girl with cell phone in hand in an office

25 Practical Digital Minimalist Lifestyle Tips

25 Practical Digital Minimalist Lifestyle Tips   Looking for Steps You Can Take Today to Start Digitally Decluttering Without Totally Disconnecting?  We need to be online, right? We need to be able to connect with friends and family of course. But even more, we need to be connected online for […]

Woman holding washed fresh cabbage

How To Start a Simple Family Garden

Gardening with your kids is a wonderful way to spend time together, get outside in nature and even get some exercise. It can truly serve to strengthen your relationship with your children and could even lower your grocery bills. Not to mention, planting and gardening are also valuable life skills […]

Genius Hairspray Removal Hack (pink background with hand holding hairspray can)

Genius Hairspray Removal Hack

Genius Hairspray Removal Hack Ever wondered how to get that pesky hairspray buildup off of your bathroom floors? I’ve got you covered! Over the years, I have tried many different methods of hairspray removal from my tile floors. I’ve used basic multi-purpose household cleaners with little results, as well as […]

Floating soap bubbles 25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses

25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses

25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses If you have never used blue Dawn dish soap for more than washing the dirty dishes in the sink, then prepare to have your mind blown! There are countless uses for this miracle-working product, from cleaning to pest control to DIY fun activities […]