8 Easy and Quick Keto Breakfast Ideas

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Chaffle (8 Quick Keto Breakfast Recipes)8 Easy and Quick Keto Breakfast Ideas

Anyone new to the keto lifestyle can attest that it can be difficult to find quick and easy recipes that don’t require tons of time in the kitchen.

In fact, all of the potential cooking is what scares most people away from even attempting the low carb lifestyle.

Typically, we have embraced the convenience foods that are FULL of carbs and processed ingredients simply for the ease and speed at which we can prepare them. It is not always that we prefer those foods- just the convenience those foods offer, right?

In an effort to help those new to the keto lifestyle, we’ve curated this list of quick keto breakfast ideas that are perfect for breakfast at home or even on-the-go.

Low carb breakfast foods with text reading easy low carb recipes 8 quick keto breakfast ideas

One thing you will quickly realize while on a low carb diet is that eggs and meat will become your new best friends. Realizing how many breakfast foods are actually conducive to the keto lifestyle will be a relief to breakfast lovers everywhere and it will also give you permission to eat breakfast foods at every meal!

Quick Keto Breakfast Ideas

Enjoy this curated list of easy and quick keto breakfast ideas for a powerful low carb start to your day!

Chaffles have quickly become a staple bread replacement in the keto and low carb worlds. However, you will need a waffle iron to make them.

Here are a few of our favorite waffle makers and other fun tools for easy keto breakfasts:

Favorite Keto Breakfast Tools

Enjoy this curated list of the BEST tools to make keto and low carb breakfasts a breeze! This list is not sponsored by Dash- we just love this brand of small appliances for their cute colors, small price tags and excellent reviews and we think you will too!

Flavcity is one of our favorite go-to food blogs that specializes in keto and gluten-free recipes. This video on keto breakfast meal prepping is super helpful- we love the tip about the ice cube in the pan. You’ll have to view the video for this crazy cooking hack!

 Leave a comment below with any favorite quick and easy low carb breakfast ideas… 


  1. Great post! I’ve been on keto for a long time and almond flour pancakes are my everyday breakfast. Still my favorite keto recipe.

    • The Curated Mom

      Almond flour pancakes are one of the yummy foods that actually make me forget about all of the things I can feel like I’m “missing out” on while on keto- they’re DELICIOUS!

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