50 Cheap Pasta Recipes To Easily Feed Your Whole Family

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It is hard to beat pasta as the all around quickest and easiest staple ingredient to build a meal around. 

Dry pasta has an estimated shelf life of up to three years, so it is not a bad ingredient to keep well-stocked in the pantry. 

Pasta recipes can always be stretched to feed a crowd as well, which helps larger families to save significantly on grocery bills.

Not to mention the fact that pasta is super inexpensive. It is not difficult to find budget pasta recipes, but sometimes cheap pasta dishes taste just like they sound: cheap and lacking flavor.

So who wouldn’t want a list of 50 delicious, cheap pasta recipes curated from some of the best blogs on the web?!?

Check out this list that is sure to save you time meal planning and save money on your grocery bill as well (also be sure to explore these other blogs further as they are FULL of fabulous recipes):

*Keep in mind that gluten-free pasta could be substituted into any of these recipes and as long as the other ingredients within the recipe are gluten-free, you will have a delicious gluten-free pasta dish as an alternative!Pasta on a plate with text reading 50 Cheap Pasta Recipe Ideas

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Cheap Pasta Recipes with Chicken

Cheap Pasta Dishes with Chicken

Enjoy this list of pasta recipes that all include chicken.

Cheap Pasta Recipes with Beef

Cheap Pasta Dishes with Beef

Enjoy this list of delicious pasta recipes that all include beef as a main ingredient.

Cheap Pasta Recipes with Pork

Cheap Pasta Dishes with Pork

Enjoy these pasta main dishes that all incorporate pork as a staple ingredient.

Cheap Pasta Recipes with Seafood

Cheap Pasta Dishes with Seafood

Enjoy this list of simple pasta dishes with seafood!

Cheap Meatless Pasta Recipes

Cheap Meatless Pasta Dishes

Enjoy this list of yummy pasta dishes that do not include any meat- perfect for all of your vegetarian friends and family members!

Here are some of the kitchen tools we love to use when cooking our favorite pasta dishes:

It is so hard not to be totally mesmerized by all of the wonderful Tasty videos- we love this one that shows four easy ways to prepare “Pantry Pasta” with basic ingredients you likely already have on hand in your pantry.

We’d love to hear some of your favorite cheap pasta recipes- drop the recipe itself or a link in the comments!

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