25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses

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Floating soap bubbles 25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses25 Genius Blue Dawn Dish Soap Uses

If you have never used blue Dawn dish soap for more than washing the dirty dishes in the sink, then prepare to have your mind blown!

There are countless uses for this miracle-working product, from cleaning to pest control to DIY fun activities with the kids.

This list has been organized by room and/or purpose, to hopefully show you all of the alternative tasks Dawn dish soap can tackle.

You will be amazed at all of the potential Dawn dish soap uses!

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Washing Dishes

(Obviously!) Dawn dish soap tends to be the most effective liquid dish washing soap to cut through the grease and residual food particles stuck on dishes, pots and pans. Dawn is a surfactant, or a surface-active agent, which means its job is to lower the surface tension of a liquid. Detergents and dishwashing liquids function to break down these bonds.

Antibacterial Soap

Blue Dawn is a great choice for hand washing because of its antibacterial properties as well as the fact that it is gentle on skin.

 Glass Stove Top (cuts grease from cooking)

One of the toughest places to remove grease is the glass stove top. Blue Dawn is always up for the challenge with its grease-cutting ability. Just use a little diluted water-Dawn mixture to cut through any grease and wipe away any extra with a mircofiber cloth.

 Countertop Cleaner

Dawn tends to be one of the best all-around surface cleaners so why would countertops be any different from other surfaces? Mix 8 oz of water with one drop of blue Dawn in a spray bottle for a powerful homemade all-purpose cleaner with Dawn, perfect for countertops. Just spray and wipe away with a paper towel or microfiber cloth.

 Glass Cleaner

Merry Maids recommends using 3 drops of blue Dawn dish soap to a gallon or so of water for a multi-purpose glass and window cleaning solution.

 Stainless Steel Cleaner

Amazingly, blue Dawn can also be used to make an effective cleaner for stainless steel appliances. Just add a drop of the dishwashing liquid to warm water in a spray bottle. Spray on stainless steel surfaces and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to wipe with the grain of the stainless steel for a streak-free finish.

Cabinet Cleaner

Again, Dawn is the master at cutting through grease and grime so it is perfect to use to wipe down cabinets. Just use the same formula as the countertop cleaner (8 oz of water to 1 drop of blue Dawn). Mix in a spray bottle, spray cabinets, and wipe with a microfiber cloth. Be sure to wipe as you go so as not to leave your wood cabinets wet for long- you don’t want to cause any water damage to the wood as this can cause unsightly swelling.



 Multi-Surface Cleaner (same as Countertop Cleaner)

Just as mentioned above, blue Dawn dish soap functions well as a multi-surface or countertop cleaner. Again, just mix 8 oz of water to 1 drop of Dawn in a spray bottle and use to wipe down surfaces with a microfiber cloth.

Mirror Cleaner

Using the same formula listed above for glass cleaner, a mixture of 3 drops of Dawn to a gallon of water makes a wonderful glass and mirror cleaner that will leave a streak-free shine.

 Tub and Shower Cleaner

The multi-surface cleaning formula can be used again here, but if your tub and shower are in need of a deep clean you’re going to want to add vinegar as well. Use a solution of one part white vinegar to one part blue Dawn. Spray your shower and/or tub with this solution and allow to soak for at least 10 minutes. Then rinse away. This mixture should remove any build-up.

 Toilet and Drain Unclogger

Pour about a cup of blue Dawn down any clogged toilet or drain and allow to sit for around half an hour. Then, pour hot water down the drain to flush away any remaining blockage. This is a great homemade replacement for any Drain-o type products.  

***If you’re looking for more bathroom cleaning tips, you’ll love this cleaning hack for removing hairspray residue from bathroom tile. Super simple and effective!***


Laundry Room:

Laundry Stain Remover or Pre-treatment

To pre-treat stains, you can simply apply blue Dawn directly to the spot. This should be effective to remove most stains. However, there are many different recipes for homemade stain remover using blue Dawn that vary slightly in formula. Most formulas call for one part blue Dawn to two parts hydrogen peroxide to one part baking soda. Just mix this solution up as needed. It won’t keep well, so don’t waste ingredients on a big batch.

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Ever considered using Dawn dish soap for hair? Blue Dawn works well for a shampoo substitute, especially on greasy hair. My children have managed to get crazy things in their hair over the years, such as gum, peanut butter, lotion, Vaseline, diaper cream, etc. This liquid is pure magic for rinsing any of these out of hair. It can also be the perfect option for an occasional clarifying shampoo, to cut through the normal build-up of hair products. One more use for blue Dawn in the hair washing department is to strip and/or correct hair color in hair (or even hair color that accidentally stained skin).

Make-up Sponge / Make-up Brush Cleaner

Dawn is tough enough to cut through the build-up of make-up on any brushes or sponges, but mild enough that any residual detergent left behind will not be harmful to your face as some cleaners would be.

Hairbrush Cleaner

Just as Dawn works to cut through the build-up of make-up on your brushes, it will also fight again any hair product build-up on your hairbrushes.

Jewelry Cleaner

This is one of the best kept secrets- many women spend LOTS of money on special jewelry cleaners. Simply use Dawn with warm water and a soft toothbrush to clean jewelry that won’t tarnish with wetness. One other favorite tip for cleaning wedding and engagement rings

Manicure Prep 

A super helpful trick for softening cuticles before an at-home manicure is to soak your nails in blue Dawn for several minutes pre-manicure. This not only softens the cuticles,  but it also removes any oil from your nails so any polish you use will better adhere.



Dog shampoo for fleas/cleaning

Does Dawn kill fleas? Why, yes it does! Use Dawn dish soap for fleas- both to remove fleas and to proactively guard against them. Dawn is a gentle enough cleanser that it should not irritate your dog’s skin.



Insect Repellent

Not only does Dawn kill fleas, but it also kills ants, roaches, and even spiders. It works to dehydrate bugs, which in turn will kill them. This is a great hack to use in the kitchen if you have issues with sugar ants- just mix up a bottle of water with a few drops of Dawn and spray in areas where the ants like to gather. They will scatter for sure! Simply misting this solution on indoor plants, or even in your garden, will keep pests away too. 

Tool Cleaner and De-greaser

This one makes sense when you think about how effective Dawn is at cutting grease in the kitchen; however, it may not occur to us to use it on items in the garage or tool shed for similar purposes. Soak greasy tools in Dawn for a few minutes before drying thoroughly and putting away.

Broom Cleaner

Just as mentioned above, blue Dawn can be used to clean make-up brushes as well as hairbrushes. So why not brooms as well? Fill a mop bucket with hot water with several drops of blue Dawn and allow the broom to soak for several minutes. Take the broom out, rinse and it will be as good as new!

Ice Pack

Blue Dawn can even be used to make a homemade ice pack! Simply fill a zippered sandwich bag (this would be the time to actually splurge on the brand name bags to be sure the seal is strong to avoid leaks) halfway full with blue Dawn. Stick it in the freezer and within a few hours it should be ready to use. The blue Dawn will not freeze into a solid making it flexible and perfect for use as a reusable homemade ice pack.

Paint Remover

Allow your brushes to soak in a mixture of hot water and blue Dawn for 30 minutes or so after use. The Dawn works to break down the paint and it will easily rinse away after a good soak. This will save you tons of money on new brushes if you take good care to thoroughly clean the brushes you have after each use. 


Activities with Kids:

Ingredient for Slime

Blue Dawn is a key ingredient in many fluffy slime recipes for kids, as these slime recipes eliminate the need for Borax (a common ingredient in many slime recipes). I loved the recipe from Living Well Mom (although she used a different dish soap, blue Dawn should work perfectly here).

Giant Bubble Making

Dawn is also the perfect ingredient for making homemade bubble solution for the kids. Use the wands you already have or craft some with the kids. The DIY Network has two different bubble recipes that are certain to keep you and the kids entertained for hours!


Here is a video with a few additional ideas:

There are likely many other uses for blue Dawn dish soap. What are your favorite blue Dawn dish soap hacks?

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