12 Simple and Beautiful Easter Tablescapes

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From Easter floral centerpieces and arrangements to Easter place settings and table settings, full-blown Easter tablescapes are such a fun and easy way to add a little festivity to your Easter celebrations this spring. 

While some like to set their dining room tables to be on display all season, others may prefer to simply decorate for Easter Sunday alone.

If you are one who likes to keep your decorations out all season, I’d recommend going with realistic-looking but artificial elements for the bulk of your decor. You can add in fresh flowers and greenery just before Easter lunch or dinner, so this Easter tablescape doesn’t prove to be high-maintenance as you juggle a busy schedule.

However, if you have young children constantly running through your home and you worry about the “durability” of any tablescape you might create, plan to keep it simple and decorate predominantly with fresh elements, like fresh flowers and greenery at some point on Easter weekend. 

Hopefully, you will enjoy this curated list of simple but gorgeous Easter tablescapes from some of the best blogs on the web- be sure to visit each site and explore a little. You are certain to find decorating inspiration for your Easter table, as well as any room in your home.

Place setting for spring/Easter meal with text reading 12 beautiful Easter tablescapes to recreate this spring

 Ideas for Easter Tablescapes

Easter Floral Centerpieces and Arrangements

The easiest way to create the perfect Easter table is to start with simple floral arrangements and beautiful centerpieces.

Easter Place Settings and Table Settings

Here are several ideas for beautifully inspired Easter place settings and table settings for the perfect brunch with friends and family.

For a little more Easter tablescape inspiration, check out this helpful video tutorial from Southern Living on how to make an Easter carrot centerpiece:

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