10 Best Rattan Earrings on Amazon

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Various rattan earrings from Amazon10 Best Rattan Earrings on Amazon

Rattan earrings as all the rage this season!

Blogs, magazines, and social media all seem to confirm the same thing- we are currently loving the natural look in all areas of our lives, especially in our homes, as well as in our fashion. We crave the earthiness and warmth that wood decor and accessories provide. Wood also always provides great contrast with other chic and trendy styles in home and fashion design (think farmhouse chic or rustic glam) which is why we love it so much!

Therefore, wooden earrings in various forms have increased in popularity: rattan earrings, wicker earrings, woven earrings, as well as many other forms of wood earrings.

Most earrings of this style have only been found in exclusive (and expensive!) boutiques in the past; however, now you can find all of these styles online, specifically on Amazon.

Various rattan earrings with text that reads Amazon Favorite Rattan Earrings

We love Amazon for it’s free two-day shipping, as well as it’s “Free Returns” policy on most items. As you go through this curated list of fun and trendy statement earrings, be sure to look for the “Free Returns” label beside the Amazon Prime symbol in the listing. Just in case you need to make a return- the last thing you want to deal with is return shipping costs!

Now that you know a little more about this jewelry trend, we can move on to the fun part: shopping!

Favorite Rattan Earrings on Amazon

10 Best Rattan Earrings on Amazon

What other wooden accessories or general jewelry trends are you seeing popping up this season?

*If you are still in need of some cute and affordable warm weather tops to wear with your new rattan earrings, check out this Amazon Fashion post.

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